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  • Ow320 are the cashew wholes which are generally used by most buyers. It is mostly used for snacking consumption.
  • They can be further roasted or pasteurized before being consumed.
  • Ow320 are generally not used for making butter, bars or granolas because of the premium pricing. Although they can be used if pricing was not a concern. 


Organic Whole Cashews 320 or OW320 for short are premium large size Natural whole cashews.

 The breakdown of OW320 can be explained as :

  • Organic means that these cashews are produced naturally on an organic farm, certified through organizations.
  • Wholes is referring to the piece size of the cashew. OW320 is in the whole form of the cashew.
  • 300-320 is the count nuts per pound of cashews in this product
  • Pasteurization: This product is unpasteurized. If you are looking for a pasteurized OW320 click here.