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Organic Cashew Butter - Dry Roasted, 15% Oil

From New Jersey with Vietnam origin
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Organic Cashew Butter - Dry Roasted, 15% Oil

Organic cashew butter dry roasted 15% oil is a food spread made from roasted cashews.  Cashews are cleaned, sorted, pasteurized, dry roasted, and then grounded into paste.   



Cashew butter processing consists of collecting the RCN and sending it to processing units where it is boiled and steamed to remove the hull and skin unveiling the broken and whole cashews called cashew kernels.  Cashew kernels then undergo drying/roasting/pasteurization and then are cooled and grinded into cashew butter.  Cashew butter processing is done in our Vietnam facilities and stored in our New Jersey warehouses.



Cashew butter can be used to make cashew milk, cashew yogurt, cashew cheese, cashew dips, cashew bars, cashew cream, cashew cookies, mixed nut butters, and cashew smoothies.   

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Warehouse New Jersey
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Shipping Information

When it comes to packaging, we offer wholesale organic cashew butter dry roasted 15% oil in 44lb buckets.      

One pallet contains 40 buckets x 44lbs = 1760 lbs.

40ft container contains approximately 35,000lbs. when flat loaded


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