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Cashew Whole 320

From California with Vietnam origin
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Cashew Whole 320

W320 are the most popular among cashew kernels worldwide.  They are also referred to as W1-320, where W1 means quality of the highest order.  These cashews are of premium taste and size.  One bite and you will realize why cashews are referred to as the creamy nut.



Grown along the equator in the Northern and Southern hemisphere of Vietnam, India, and East and West Africa, W320 processing consists of collecting the RCN and sending it to processing units where it is boiled and steamed to remove the hull and skin unveiling the broken and whole cashews called cashew kernels.  Approximately 50% of cashew kernels are W320.  These W320 cashews are grown in Vietnam and stored in our California warehouses.



The naming of cashews consists of two parts: cashew abbreviation and number of kernels in 1lb. 

“W” stands for “white whole” cashews.  When the color is darker, the name changes to SW320, which stands for “scorched whole”.  There are 300-320 kernels per pound.      



  • W320 can be oil roasted or dry roasted and then salted as required. Some customers like to only pasteurize them before putting them in consumer packs.
  • The cashews are very creamy and used for applications where creaminess is a requirement.
  • W320 are generally not used for making cashew milk, cashew yogurt, cashew cheese, cashew butter, cashew bars or cashew granolas because of the premium pricing. Although they can be used if pricing is not a concern.
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Warehouse California
Ships In 2 Business Days
Box Size 50 lb box
Shipping Details

Shipping Information

When it comes to packaging, we offer wholesale cashew whole 320 in 25 lb. or 50 lb. cartons.  Some customers prefer 1600 lb. super sacks for factory usage or 50 lb. cashew tins.   

Pallet options:                                  

  • 40 cartons x 50lbs – 2000lbs.
  • 60 cartons x 25lbs = 1500lbs.
  • 1 supersack x 1600lbs = 1600lbs.
  • 24 tins x 25lbs = 600lbs.

20ft container contains 35,000lbs. when flat loaded


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