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Almonds Monterey SSR 20/22

From California with USA origin
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Monterey SSR 20/22

Monterey SSR 20/22 are natural, whole almonds produced using conventional farming methods. Montereys are a Carmel variety, which are long, narrow, large kernels with wrinkled surfaces and light coloring. “SSR” or “Select Sheller Run” is the USDA grade descriptor signifying that these are a relatively mid-quality grade nut.  With a higher tolerance for defects, SSR is best used for products where excellent visual appearance does not play a role in the final product. There are 20-22 of these large sized almonds in an ounce.


California Almonds

Eighty two percent of the world’s almonds are grown in California.  The soil and temperatures for almond trees are perfect, with cold winters allowing the trees to rest and February temperatures warm enough for trees to bloom and bees to pollinate their flowers. Once the flowers have been pollinated, the orchards are quickly transformed into the growing season with nutlets forming within the days following.  By March the tree nuts have started to grow, the leaves have pushed out and the orchards are lush with green leaves and hulls.

Throughout the growing season, the hulls can be seen getting larger and larger, by June the hulls have grown to their maximum size and the nut inside the shell begins to change from its gelatinous form to a solid nut we all know and love.

By August the hulls start to split open exposing the shell.  It is time for harvest.  With almost 1.2 million acres in production, the process of harvest will take 8 to 10 weeks. 



Carmel Type varieties are very versatile and are used for roasting, salting and/or flavoring.  Because their looks are similar to the Nonpareil, they are very popular, yet they have a slightly wrinkled skin with small ridges that allow salt or seasonings to adhere to the surface better.   The shape is otherwise considered long and slim.



Monterey Supreme – Sold as a supreme USDA grade.

Monterey SSR – Sold as an Select Sheller Run USDA grade.

Sizing- Sized from 18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 23/25 25/27, 27/30 down to as small as 32/34.  The numbers represent the number of almonds per ounce.  The Monterey may be found to have larger sizes


Shipping Information

When it comes to packing, we offer these in an industry standard 50 lbs. carton with no liner, to keep the product at a standard moisture level of 5.5% allowing the almonds to “breathe,” so to speak.  For those that prefer, we can also pack in 2,200 lbs. Fiber Bins as well as Super Sacks.

  • 40 cartons x 50 lbs. = 2,000 lbs.
  • 1 Fiber Bin = 2,200 lbs. also available as 2,000 lbs.
  • 1 Super Sack = 2,200 lbs. also available as 2,000 lbs.
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